She was born in Milan and continues to live and work there.
She's descended from a family of Tuscan artists , sculptor and painters.
For a long time , she was the Art Director of Ted Bates, Milan, and is now a self-employed professional artist.
At present she paints using several pictorial techniques.
Her love of Nature and her artist's eye manifested themselves in her depiction of plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables in a naturalist way often containing images of butterflies and insects.
She is a Member of Floraviva Association.
Sixteenth-century friezes, knights and hutting scenes are her favorite decorations for pieces of forniture, settle, folding screens, panels, doors
and all things that can be painted with acrylic colours.
She partecipates in many group exhibitions and her watercolours are in several private collections.
She gives botanic painting classes.